BTYQN is a photography project; an aggregation of worldly beauties of different backgrounds and their stories: their insecurities, struggles, advice and more.

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“We’re constantly comparing ourselves to everything around us and taught to believe only one acceptable body standard exists, one that we must morph into. I used to be plagued by the idea that I was darker, heavier and taller than those around me – characteristics I was taught to be ashamed of. I was perpetually unsatisfied with myself and treated my body incredibly badly.
Two years ago, I was in Brazil – a country with beautiful population comprising a multitude of races, body types, colours and builds. I felt, more than ever, that one’s skin tone, body fat percentage, stretch marks or dark spots, didn’t alter their willingness to wear a bikini. Each individual was unique and embraced their differences.

My mindset completely changed. Today, as a result, I’m happy to say that, my body is healthier, more powerful and more capable than ever before – a state that I would want my future daughters to idealize. Not because they want to fit a mould, but because they are inspired to be comfortable with their reality.

My struggle is what fuels the Beauty Queen Campaign [BTYQN], as the project strives to bring other’s insecurities, issues and triumphs to light, in order to deconstruct society’s ideals and minimize the effect of these inner battles.” – Nidhi Mishra

Nidhi Mishra, BTYQN Founder

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Kelly Chiu, BTYQN Visual Content Specialist