lana [2 of 2]

When you start comparing yourself to others – people you’ve built up in your head to be “perfect” – you enter a vicious cycle. You trick yourself into thinking these people are perfect when they, in reality, have their own set of insecurities, their own issues that make them human. Social media, especially, is a real danger to our self-esteems. I’ve often found myself “insta-stalking” women who appear as if they lack a single imperfection. I find myself getting lost in a mixture of admiration and envy before I snap out of it and tell myself – hey, she’s also spent a night on the couch eating ice-cream and looking at pictures of other women, who have also done the same thing.

I have realized over time that people can only make you feel inferior if you give them the power to do so, and I’d like to emphasize that beauty is in confidence. Once you master the skill of self-love you are always going to be a better version of you than you would be without that confidence.

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