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In my culture, having blonde hair isn’t just that. It means being subjected to and constantly compared to the idealistic Blonde Barbie. Blonde – doesn’t that make you think: tan, cute button nose, blue eyes, long legs and rosy cheeks? Well because of this, I realized that I had a bigger nose than the average western girl, green eyes and a much shorter body composition. However, over time, I learnt to make peace with the fact that maybe it doesn’t make me inferior – it just makes me, me. I love how short I am now, and I like my big nose. I don’t care what anyone says. I am proud to be who I am. Even if that means being satisfied with a blemish or stretch mark here and there, in areas where society has made us believe they shouldn’t be.

Lana Giliomee is from Cape Town, South Africa, grew up in Singapore and currently studies at Stellenbosch University. Read more about Lana at
Photo Creds: Chris Joubert Photography

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