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I, along with all millennial women, live in an age where changing your physical appearance is easier than it ever has been. Honestly, for a long time, it was a viable option, an idea promptly lodged in the back of my mind. I have seen women my age undergo rhinoplasty and return back to their normal lives within the span of two weeks – and that’s scary. Scary because we are forgetting that each of us were created in a rare, unique beautiful instant in time, where an infinite combination of possibilities came together to make us who we are. When we alter this, say through plastic surgery, we purchase the right to erase that moment in time.

With all this being said, I still have moments where I catch my side-profile in a mirror as I’m walking by, or I see myself in the background of a photograph and cringe. I catch myself thinking, “If my nose looked like the perfect Barbie button-nose, I would be so much prettier.” In those moments, I always interrupt myself with this: to be remembered for your beauty is nice, but to be remembered for who you really are – that’s what really matters.

Sabrina Ricci, 21, is an Italian-Canadian student at McGill University, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Sustainability. Originally from Vancouver, she hopes to return upon graduation in order to pursue a career that combines her love for fashion, individual well-being, and global well-being.


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