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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been especially conscious of my nose. Whenever I was insecure about another body part, I was able to use fashion as a literal security blanket – whether through an oversized sweater or high-waisted jeans. With my nose however, there was nothing I could really do to hide it.

Last summer, I visited some of my distant relatives in Italy. The first thing that one of my relatives said to me, before even saying hello, was “You have the family nose.” To see yourself as a part of this rich historical narrative, makes you realize that your physical appearance is only a façade for the millions of traits and capabilities you carry with you. In that moment, all the years of criticism, worries, and tears faded into nothing.

Sabrina Ricci, 21, is an Italian-Canadian student at McGill University, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Sustainability. Originally from Vancouver, she hopes to return upon graduation in order to pursue a career that combines her love for fashion, individual well-being, and global well-being.

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