shloka [2 of 2]

The one thing I have never understood about my culture is this obsession with being ‘fair’. I love my skin tone and I love that I have a natural tan all year round – but I also know many people who think that I should be rubbing all kinds of products in an effort to be fairer. I understand why this exists and of course, the reasoning is rooted in a very old way of thinking. But I strongly believe that as the world continues to modernise, our thoughts on skin tone should too. Everyone is beautiful no matter what colour they are.

We’re all going through different battles and to that I’d say, don’t strive to be like everyone else, strive to be the best that you can be. Look to being healthy, rather than a certain weight. Eat well, and take care of yourself because – whether or not you realize it – you only have one body. Beauty starts from within and when you find happiness within yourself, it’ll automatically show on the outside. Emotional beauty is as important as physical beauty.

Shloka is originally from India and studied Marketing at Regent’s University London. She runs a fashion blog, The Silk Sneaker.

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