shloka [1 of 2]

I used to be incredibly conscious of my weight. Before I started training as a dancer, I was incredibly aware that I wasn’t the skinniest girl around and that really bothered me. I always felt short and small in comparison. When I started dancing, I started to lose weight. But rather than maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, I started becoming incredibly paranoid and lost sight of what was healthy. I found myself aiming to look like the girls I saw in magazines. Of course, that wasn’t a realistic goal to have. It took me a long time to realize that beauty stems from within, more importantly, beauty is being real and healthy. As I started embracing who I was, I started a blog, and that really helped me because of the amazing response I received – I felt  comfortable and appreciated for just being me.

Shloka is originally from India and studied Marketing at Regent’s University London. She runs a fashion blog, The Silk Sneaker.


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