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As a child, I thought that when I grew up I would transform into Little Bo Peep. She represented my idea of beauty: tall, fair, blond, blue eyes. When that didn’t happen, I was disappointed and confused. Young girls are influenced incredibly easily, and I kept asking myself: Was I ever going to change? Would my eyes never be blue? Was my hair always going to stay black and kinky? Let me tell you – my hair did stay black and kinky. It’s been something I’ve always struggled with. Today, I proudly wear it natural, but middle school was a whole different story. In France, the way I looked was never felt fully represented in the media.  I chemically straightened my hair, no matter how damaging it was. My natural hair didn’t resemble anyone in my family and I always thought that changing my hair would help me resemble women around me, get closer to them.

Ines L. Dubois is from Bordeaux, France. She lives in Montreal where she’s currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts at McGill university. She majors in political science and has a double minor in communications studies and North American studies.
Photo Creds: Lisa Kristina

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