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I take this lesson to heart with my non-profit, Support the Girls.  With affiliates from all over the United States and now a few dozen countries across the world, we facilitate the donation of bras and menstrual products to homeless and low income women in need. A properly fitting bra can be the difference in getting a new job, not being harassed on the street, preventing back pain, and staying healthy. No woman should be without that opportunity. I’d like us to be able to give a couple bras to all women in need, and help increase their esteem and improve health. Having menstrual products too can mean the difference of not wearing stained clothes or having to use socks or other alternatives to deal with a monthly occurrence.

Support the Girls has instilled in me the desire that if society placed more of an emphasis on a woman’s abilities, health, accomplishments and intellect, we, as women, would struggle less. I fervently believe that confidence comes from mastery of your own skills, not from a powerful pair of red pumps.

Women that I see as dynamos still tend to shy away from opportunity because they feel that they aren’t good enough. To that, I’d like to say that whether you feel less confident about a topic or an event, I still suggest you do your best to power through it. Gaining experience and stepping out of one’s comfort zone is powerful in and of itself. Dress your brain up with facts and experience. Hopefully, with the past performance of a job well done, similar scenarios in the future are easier. Everything counts. Remember to put your best foot forward, no matter what shoe you’re wearing.

Dana Marlowe is the founder of Accessibility Partners, a disability and accessibility advocacy IT consulting firm. She is also the founder of Support the Girls, a network of nationwide affiliates to help facilitate the donation of bras and feminine hygiene products to homeless and low income women. She currently resides in Washington, DC.

Photo Credits: Emily Goodstein Photography

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