kelly [2 of 2]

Eventually, as I grew older, I overcame my struggle. I was able to embrace this flaw and perceive it as something that makes me special. While there are still days where I wonder what things would’ve been like if I got braces, I realize this specific ‘flaw’ is what makes me “me.”; it’s part of my identity.

More importantly, I realized that no one actually notices your “flaw(s)” unless you point them out! So, learn to love your imperfections. Forget the people around you, who you think are staring or judging you (most of the time, they aren’t!). Your mind and self-perception comprise your strongest support systems. If you constantly limit, criticize and essentially, loathe yourself, these feelings seep through affecting your overall energy. So keep laughing!

Kelly Chiu was born in Hong Kong, and raised in Vancouver. She recently graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History. She is currently living in Vancouver, and is the Visual Content Specialist of BTYQN. 

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