shonalie [2 of 2]

“Some advice? Stay positive, learn to love yourself because at the end of the day, you control the voice in your head. As I grew into my large, protruding nose, I learned to accept and love it; without it I wouldn’t be alive – literally. As for my body? A couple months ago, I took place in the New Paper New Face, a modeling contest in Singapore. Going in, I was hesitant because I deemed myself ‘much curvier’ than the average Singaporean. To my surprise, I made it to the top twenty contestants. I was uncertain of my chances due to my body shape, but those around me could see what I couldn’t. Ultimately, this goes for a lot of situations – so build the confidence to appreciate yourself and take chances, you never know what’s behind the next door.”

Shonalie Raha is of Indian descent, grew up in Singapore and studied at Carleton University, Ottowa. She is currently working in Singapore at Sun Electric.

Photo Credits to Varsha Sundar



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