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I still take risks in my looks regardless, but there’s always a point when I pause and wonder if I’ll still be viewed as attractive for wearing certain outfits, not combing my hair, or putting on makeup. Generally, I get the most criticism from women and men in the black community. However, I’ve noticed that the more confident I am, the less people care. That makes me feels good. It makes me feel like a boss when I take risks no matter what.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being confident 100% of the time. Figure out what scares you and try things everyday to overcome your fears. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself and it does you no harm to change it, you have that option. You also have the power to say fuck it, and love yourself and let the world deal with it. So get out there and do what makes you happy and forget about the haters.

[2 of 2]

LaToya Codner is a SAG-AFTRA actress from Upstate New York. She has a B.A. in Theater from Buffalo State College and a Masters in Acting from the University of South Carolina. She currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca. Check this amazing woman out at

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