prerna [3 of 4]

“I think it was sometime during high school when I first realized that I was fucking hilarious. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started using the good ol’ if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them technique and started poking fun at my skin colour, my body, and my culture. When you are self-aware, bullies have nothing they can possibly hurt you with. When your insults at yourself become more creative than theirs, they start feeling bad for even trying. Humour has helped me accept myself exactly the way I am, insecurities and all. Over the years, I slowly moved away from self-deprecating humour to humour that made me feel fucking amazing about myself. Because I am fucking amazing. I also started educating myself about the rich history of my culture and finally learned my own mother tongue. Embracing and celebrating my background has helped me resolve the feelings I have repressed over the years for my culture. I realized that with its people, culture too evolves with time.

You will always find goodness, if you actively seek it.”

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