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“Where I come from, girls are celebrated for being petite, tall, arms the size of twigs and having long luscious hair. I have none of those.

My dad even used to comment that I reminded him of a tree (trunk) with my wide ‘girth’. It wasn’t the easiest thing to hear, especially when it came from someone so close. I think people expect girls to be a certain way because anything else would deem them to be not up to ‘marriage standards”. It would also look especially odd for a bigger sized girl to walk next to a lanky guy.

I have never understood (and still don’t understand) why there has to be a cookie cutter model of the definition of beauty, as who really is fit to pass such judgment anyway? Maybe that’s why I have grown up challenging conventional norms and vehemently rejecting stereotypes and the standard/typical opinions people have, if they are unable to substantiate it and offer a rationale behind it.”

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