kinzah [2 of 3]

“I follow thousands of ‘fitspo’ instagrams, and while they’re meant to help, instead, it was a source of constant comparison and made me feel worse about myself. I didn’t have flawless skin, a toned body, perfect hair – so I felt like my natural state wasn’t as good as everyone else’s. We live in a world where everyone around us appears to be flawless. Naturally, we compare, and as result of that comparison, we end up unhappy and unsatisfied with what we see in the mirror.

Where I come from, its undebatable that women [who are ‘suitable for marriage] have to be fair, slim, have clear skin and long hair. The worst part is, men have no such standard. That’s just how it is. The worst part is, our family culture encourages the adoption and continuation of this standard, which translate to overly critical men and overly criticized women.”

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